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About PIM

Established in 1994, floated under the Modaraba Ordinance of 1980. Popular Islamic Modaraba is a multipurpose, perpetual and multi dimensional Modaraba, It is managed by Popular Islamic Modaraba Management Company (Private) Limited. In year 2013 Popular Group of Industries acquired this Modaraba from Honorable Peshawar High Court .

As a testament to its dedication to transparency, Popular Islamic Modaraba maintains a listing on the Pakistan Stock Exchanges Limited. Furthermore, it is a proud member of the Non-Banking Finance Institutions (NBFI) and Modaraba Association of Pakistan, highlighting its commitment to adhering to industry best practices and standards.

Popular Islamic Modaraba operates as an Islamic Financial Institution, providing financial facilities that strictly adhere to Shariah constraints. This means that all financial transactions and offerings are meticulously structured in accordance with Islamic finance principles, ensuring that they are both ethically sound and Shariah-compliant.

Popular Islamic Modaraba stands as a reliable and ethically driven financial partner, contributing to the development and growth of Islamic Finance in Pakistan. Its commitment to the principles of Shariah finance and its role as a multifaceted financial institution positions it as a prominent player in the dynamic landscape of Islamic finance in the country.